Hostess Milk Frother

I'm not one of those people who wins something in every competition they enter, in fact I don't remember winning much of anything. That is, until I entered a competition run by the excellent Yeo Valley - an organic, family-run dairy company here in the UK, and received a text letting me know I'd won a milk frother - and boy, what a frother!

I should explain that when I think of a milk frother I think of something like this Bodum model, but what actually arrived was a Hostess Frother.

I don't drink coffee (though my wife assures me it makes *wonderful* frothy-coffee), and it's not much good for tea, but it makes short work of making a delicious hot chocolate. 

Not only is the resulting drink creamy, with a nice froth (as expected!), but this wonderful device even heats the milk - which means I can throw in some milk and some hot chocolate (I recommend Hotel Chocolat, home of many lovely chocolatey things..) 

You can also use the frother to make cold milkshakes. A little less successful here, but only because the hot chocolate didn't dissolve fully, so I'd recommend trying this with syrups.

Not much extra to say, except that the jug is very easy to clean as long as you do it straight after making the drink, and I can **strongly** recommend you look into getting one of these if you're interesting in nice, easily-made hot chocolate (or frothy coffee of course!). Especially nice with organic whole milk for extra creamy goodness (just not every day!)..

(Not sponsored or prompted in any way by the folks at Yeo Valley or Hostess..!)