A little black book..

One of my thoughts when buying my iPhone 4S last year was that I didn't want a typical case for it - I'd seen so many variations of the rubber bumper, that both looked ugly and didn't, to my mind at least, offer much in the way of protection (I drop my phone at least once a week - and a bumper wouldn't stop the glass back shattering). 

So my criteria were, in essence:

- Looks good

- Protects the phone from being dropped at height (I'm over 6' tall, so the phone tends to be fairly far from the floor!).

I did a fair amount of research, and eventually settled on a fine looking case from Pad & Quill, which my wife was kind enough to get me for a Christmas present.

Now, nine months later, I feel well qualified to share my considered thoughts.


- looks good (still, after daily use for over 9 months..)

- offers plenty of protection (my phone is still intact!)

- you can still use the camera, unlike some other similar cases

- it looks like a Moleskine notebook, so less likely to be stolen


- doesn't really play well with iPhone docks, or lens kits

- adds bulk to the iPhone

- hides the nice design of the phone


I can't recommend this highly enough. It's functioned very well and still looks great (in terms of both style and build quality). I'll be getting hold of a kindle paperwhite from relatives in the US, and I'm planning on getting a case for it from Pad and Quill - I'm expecting both form and function to be superior to the standard cases...

You can find the model I'm reviewing here: http://www.padandquill.com/cases-for-iphone-ipod-touch/case-for-iphone-4-4s-the-little-black-book.html