Approaching NaNoWriMo

Well, not a good start, but is that the correct capitalisation?!

I have, in a somewhat foolhardy attempt to kickstart my creative energies (seriously - I have a lot on at work just now), decided to embark on my first nanowrimo (much better - all lowercase, less chance of looking like a newbie).

Following on from a very vivid dream the other day (minds out of gutters, not one of those dreams), which I wrote down, I have the core of an idea. A little mind mapping earlier and I have an idea about the first 8 chapters.. (One sentence summary of each - some work to be done yet...)

I've taken these sentences and entered them into my shiny new copy of Scrivener, courtesy of an amazingly generous Macheist Bundle..

So, one hour and 3 minutes to go and I'm pretty close to being as ready as I'm likely to be for this....

Wish me luck.