Pastures New

Today I quit my job. 

Okay, so not *quite* so melodramatic. Today I handed in my notice. After nearly 17 years with the same employer (through a number of mergers and other name changes), I've finally reached the place where I know I'd regret staying more than I could possibly regret leaving. So there we are. It's taken me a while to get here, since last June, but the steady pace of thinking this through, and examining my motivations, means I'm content that I've made the right call no matter how it turns out.

What does the future hold? Well, initially I'm planning to take the standard route here in the UK for IT contracting (AKA Freelancing), and I'll be looking to work as a Solution Architect (or Solution Designer as the role is also known) - where I seek to understand business problems, and develop technical solutions for addressing them. 

Longer term, I've started outlining a book (or, more likely, books) on different elements of Solution Architecture. It's a role that can add significant value to projects of any size (but of course I would say that!), blending an understanding of business problems, behaviours, and the creation of solutions that can address them, and there aren't enough (good) practitioners out there today. 

I'll also be expanding my knowledge into other technical areas (such as iOS development), and other non-technical areas to help me diversify my skillset. I'd like to both develop apps and create and deliver training courses, which is something that I've done occasionally for my current employer.

I'm currently planning to be available for new clients from 1st May, though that may change in the interim, so if you know someone who needs this type of generalist role on their project or programme in the near future, please let me know.