some initial thoughts on the discipline of writing...

I was listening to Back to Work the other day (a great show, which you can find at - and Merlin was speaking about the discipline of writing - both in finding the right time to write (which for me often seems to be far too late at night!), and in defining some set periods for regular writing to enable good creative work (he suggested 90 minute spells). I'm intending to give both of these a try in the coming weeks, but they've definitely resonated with me (in a way much of Merlin's advice does).

My current issues with writing fall into 3 broad categories - energy, creativity and focus. I'm hoping that a more disciplined approach to writing will initially help with the last one, and that this will over time support improvements with creativity.  I'm hoping that my energy levels will improve with renewed creative vigour, forming a virtuous circle.

I'll be reporting on my success with this as my blog progresses - but I'm hoping that increasing frequency and quality of posting will demonstrate tangibly how I'm progressing and improving..

The specific episode is at: