first post

So, a first post on a new blog.. No real topic this time, just me saying hello..

To set out my stall, I'm hoping to cover a number topics on this site.. I'll be using it to share my haiku, some of my photography, some reviews and my thoughts on a number of diverse topics. I used to be a keen writer when younger, but I've lost the discipline of writing over the years, as my career, and life in general, took over. I'm going to use this public forum as a vehicle for motivating me to keep writing, and to keep improving...

I'll also be documenting my challenges as I learn objective-c programming, with a view to trying some iOS development. My background is in old-fashioned mainframe cobol / DB2 programming, which is a few years behind me now, so I'm looking forward to the experience..

I doubt anyone will be reading this except retrospectively, so thank you for taking the time to read back through my posts!