day ten

Well, it's been a tough old week - work has been ridiculously busy, and the words have been slower appearing than I hoped - though some of that has been down to some Civilisation V distractions (won - took off to Alpha Centauri for a science victory earlier today). I'm up to 8502 words after a few slow days, a day off yesterday and having just sat down to begin today..  At the current rate I'm due to finish on December 28th (slightly skewed by not having written anything yet today!).

What I have been finding is that while what I've been writing is far, FAR, from a finished article so far (dialogue re-write and more vivid descriptions are the least of the things I'll be looking at in version 0.2) I am writing words, and given that it's been so long since I wrote prose, I'm pretty pleased.

Also, given the amount of stress I'm under at the moment, for all sorts of reasons, the act of writing mindfully has been a real release.

*fingers crossed* I'll manage to make up those 28 days...!